Game Officials Sign Up announcement

If you wish to sign up for games in Pleasanton, please go to the Game Officials drop down tab at the top right of this page, click on "Get Setup to Referee in Pleasanton" and follow the instructions posted there. If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you with that.

Here's where you can find: PSRA Contact information.

BUSC RAGE U9/U10 Parent Referee Class

Here is the list of New Referee Classes for BUSC/RAGE Adult Referee Volunteers.
Register for one of the following coures which comprise 
OPTION A) 1hr Orientation, 1-3hrs Online homework and Test done before class starts,
8 hrs Class instruction, 3 hrs field session. (Must pass the online test done at home.)   

OPTION B)  2 nights of classes with 8hrs of Class Instruction and pass a test.

Must attend all class nights for the session you pick.

Session #4
Aug 27 (7:00PM-8:00PM)
Sept 1 (6:00P-10:00PM)
Sept 4 (6:00P-10:00PM)
Sept 5(8:00AM-11:00AM) 
First Class Sept
Registration here
Session #5
Sept 9 (6:00P-10:00PM)
Sept 10 (6:00P-10:00PM)
Contact Frank @925 989 8098
To signup for this class
This is a shorter Grade 9 class

If you cannot make one of the sessions or have any questions please call Frank @925 989 8098

Our Classes are held at 275 Rose Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566. Upstairs at the Ballistic United Soccer Club Conference Room (Field Session will be held at Aquatic Park at Black Ave and Santa Rita Road on the last day)

2016 Registration Important Information

If you are a currently registered 2015 referee, you should have received a note via GameOfficials addressing your 2016 registration. Here are a few highlights:
  • Please wait for a further note to register for 2016. Some have tried to re-register for 2015!
  • You need to carefully select your region during the registration process. Pleasanton is in the WEST region of California North. Here's a link to the Region List by Zip Code. If you don't register in the correct region, you cannot change it until you register for 2017.
  • You should register soon since it takes awhile to get through the system. You must be registered for 2016 to be assigned games by PSRA as of January 1, 2016.

For newer referees, your registration (upon successful completion of training) will cover you through 2016. However you still can change your Region so that it is correct.  Enter your account at

All - If you have any questions, please reach out to the  CNRA REGISTRAR at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Become a Referee

Welcome, and thank you for wanting to become a soccer referee!

To become a referee, you simply need to be 12 years old or older, be physically able to run for an entire soccer match, have good vision, and apply the Laws of the Game that you will learn when you take and pass the required United States Soccer Federation (USSF) begining referee class.  Its fun, an excellent way to make a some money and improve your health.  Contact us for more details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Frank Pereira at (925) 989-8098.

ECNL Procedures


See the resources link for these ECNL league Matches at
and download the rules handbook here

California Regional League Rules


See the rules for these CalNorth Premier league Matches


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Daily Referee Quiz

Daily Quiz -

FIFA Laws of the Game Quiz and More
  • Law 16 refers to:
    (a)  The Throw-in.
    (b)  The Corner kick.
    (c)  The Goal kick.
    (d)  The Penalty kick.

  • Can a goalkeeper touch the ball with his hands after it has been deliberately passed to him from the knee of a team-mate?
    (a)  No, never.
    (b)  No, sometimes.
    (c)  Yes, always.
    (d)  Yes, sometimes.

  • What decision should the referee make if a player trips an opponent which denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity?
    (a)  The referee cautions the offending player.
    (b)  The referee sends off the offending player.
    (c)  The referee warns the offending player.
    (d)  None of the answers is completely correct.

  • A player being substituted leaves the field of play and the referee signals for the substitute to enter. Before entering the field of play, the substitute takes a throw-in. Is this permitted?
    (a)  Yes, always.
    (b)  No
    (c)  Yes, as he has the referee`s permission to join the match as a substitute, he has the same rights as any other player.
    (d)  Yes, because the substituted player has left the field of play.

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