Referee Class Starts this Month

Our first beginner class for new Adult and Youth Referees  starts at the end of this month.

April/May Grade 8 Referee Class Detail

Apr 24 (7:30-8:30PM)
Anytime before next class
Apr 30 (6:00P-10:00PM)
May 1 (6:00P-10:00PM)
May 2 (8AM-1PM)
1hr Orientation
Online homework
Field Session

Location: 275 Rose Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566. 
Field Session: Aquatic Park Fields at Black Avenue and Santa Rita.

To register for this class click the following link and follow the instructions.

ECNL Procedures 2014/2015


See the resources link for these ECNL league Matches at
and download the rules handbook here

California Regional League Rules


See the rules for these CalNorth Premier league Matches

Game Day Procedures 2014 Fall Season

Referees, be at your games at the latest 30 minutes before your scheduled game time, which barely gives you enough time to:

  • inspect the field/nets
  • introduce yourself to the coaches
  • check in teams
  • conduct a pregame with your referee crew
  • perform coin flip with captains and start game ON TIME

Each member of the referee crew should be properly dressed with ref jersey, ref shorts (not soccer/basketball shorts), black referee socks (3-stripe or newer logo version), black shoes and all your other equipment (wrist stopwatch, coin, whistle, book, cards, flags). You may be forced into duty as the center ref and everyone must be prepared.

Each member of the referee crew needs to know the rules for the particular league they are refereeing, such as substitution procedures, game length, roster, player pass issues. Not knowing will lead to players and coaches doubting you on other matters during the game.

After the game, the center ref should fill out the After Game portion on so everyone can get paid promptly. Any issues during the game should be noted in detail.. Send-offs and other major incidents in NorCal, ECNL and EGSL games require other procedures. The information on that and other game day procedures can be found at these links:

NorCal Referee resource page (NorCal, NorCal State Cup, NPL)

EGSL - Elite Girls Soccer League

ECNL - Elite Clubs National League

Rage Rec Rules 

Ballist Rec Rules in Team Manual

Other notes:

New this year for NorCal games, substitutions will be allowed prior to other team’s throw-in if team in possession is also substituting. Subs must be ready at center line, no subbing from bench.

For Rec games, substitutions prior to team own throw-in (in addition to other, normal sub opportunities). No player passes needed.

Rage Rec U16 & U19 teams and opponents need to present a laminated team roster, no player passes needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Norcal Leagues Substitution Rules for 2014

There have been some changes to the Cal-North/ CYSA referee administration and substitution rules for the upcoming season that I thought that you should know.  

Player Substitution Process As Modified In 2014

Players may be substituted at the following times:
i.    Prior to a throw-in, in your favor.  Competitions may allow substitutions by either team if the team in possession of the ball substitutes.
ii.    Prior to a goal kick, by either team.
iii.    After a goal, by either team.
iv.    After an injury, when the referee stops play, by either team.
v.    At half time.
vi.    When the referee stops play to caution a player, only the cautioned player may be substituted, prior to the restart of the game.
vii.    The number of substitutes shall be unlimited. A substitute shall not enter the field of play until he/she has been given a signal to do so by the referee.


CNRA/USSF Registration Renewal for 2014


0. Go to and login

1. Update/Correct all of your personal information in “My Info”

2. From the Main Menu on the left, Click on “Courses” (All Registration choices are contained under “Courses”.  This is where you will select from your available Registration choices.)

3. Select and click on the “Course” you wish to Register. i.e. Referee Courses - Courses for Referee Users (if you require multiple registrations ie (referee, instructor, assessor… you must do each registration individually.)


Featured Referee Video

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Daily Referee Quiz

Daily Quiz -

FIFA Laws of the Game Quiz and More
  • Can a substitution be made when the ball is in play?
    (a)  Yes, in certain cases.
    (b)  No
    (c)  Yes, if the team that is going to make the substitution is in possession.
    (d)  No, but the game should be stopped at the very moment the team requests the substitution.

  • A player takes a throw-in with his back to the field of play but with his feet outside the touch line. What decision should the referee make?
    (a)  The referee allows play to continue.
    (b)  The referee awards an indirect free kick to the opposing team.
    (c)  The referee awards a throw-in to the opposing team.
    (d)  The referee awards a throw-in to the same team because the ball was not in play.

  • The assistant referee observes a player`s violent conduct and signals. The referee does not see the signal and the offender`s team scores a goal. At that moment, the referee sees the assistant referee`s signal. What decision should the referee make?
    (a)  Disallow the goal, send off the offending player and restart play with an indirect free kick.
    (b)  Disallow the goal, send off the offending player and restart play with a penalty kick or a direct free kick.
    (c)  Disallow the goal, send off the offending player and restart play with a free kick, penalty kick or dropped ball.
    (d)  None of the previous answers is correct.

  • A player inside his own penalty area, strikes the referee when the ball was in play. What decision should the referee make?
    (a)  The referee sends off the player and awards a penalty kick.
    (b)  The referee sends off the player and awards a dropped ball.
    (c)  The referee sends off the player and awards an indirect free kick to the opposing team.
    (d)  Play is allowed to continue.

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