Pleasanton Referee Named Region IV Young Referee Of The Year

Kyle_WiestCongratulations to Pleasanton referee Kyle Wiest, who was named Region IV Young Male Referee of the Year Friday, June 22 during ceremonies at the 2012 Far West Regional Championships in Phoenix, AZ.

Earlier this year, Kyle was honored as 2011 District III Young Male Referee of the Year and 2011 CYSA-North Young Referee of the Year.

US Youth Soccer Region IV comprises the western states of Alaska, Arizona, California-North, California-South, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Kyle is a senior at Foothill High School in Pleasanton. PSRA appreciates Kyle's accomplishments on and off the field and is proud of how he represents Pleasanton, District III and Cal North.

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FIFA Laws of the Game Quiz and More
  • Of the following infringements, indicate which is stated in the Laws of the Game as an offence punishable with a sending off under Law 12.
    (a)  Being guilty of violent conduct.
    (b)  Being guilty of serious foul play.
    (c)  Receiving a second caution in the same match.
    (d)  All are correct.

  • Does the referee allow a player to momentarily remove the corner flag in order to take a corner kick?
    (a)  Yes, on condition that it is put back immediately after the kick is taken.
    (b)  Yes, if it obstructs the kicker.
    (c)  No, the referee does not allow the kick to be taken until the corner flag is replaced. If the referee considers removal of the flag to be an act of unsporting behaviour he cautions the player who removed the flag.
    (d)  No, the assistant referee should prevent him from removing it.

  • A player lowers his head below the waist of an opponent who is challenging for the ball, preventing him from playing the ball. The referee...
    (a)  cautions the player and awards an indirect free kick.
    (b)  cautions the player and awards a direct free kick.
    (c)  awards an indirect free kick.
    (d)  awards a dropped ball.

  • From the following statements, indicate which are the necessary conditions for a correct substitution procedure:
    (a)  A substitute can only enter the field of play from the halfway line and during a stoppage in play.
    (b)  Substitutes are subject to the authority and jurisdiction of the referee when they begin to participate in the game.
    (c)  A substitution is completed when the substitute enters the field of play and plays the ball.
    (d)  All of the answers are correct.

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