Pleasanton Referee Named Region IV Young Referee Of The Year

Kyle_WiestCongratulations to Pleasanton referee Kyle Wiest, who was named Region IV Young Male Referee of the Year Friday, June 22 during ceremonies at the 2012 Far West Regional Championships in Phoenix, AZ.

Earlier this year, Kyle was honored as 2011 District III Young Male Referee of the Year and 2011 CYSA-North Young Referee of the Year.

US Youth Soccer Region IV comprises the western states of Alaska, Arizona, California-North, California-South, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Kyle is a senior at Foothill High School in Pleasanton. PSRA appreciates Kyle's accomplishments on and off the field and is proud of how he represents Pleasanton, District III and Cal North.

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FIFA Laws of the Game Quiz and More
  • Ten minutes after being sent off, a player re-enters the field of play with his team in possession of the ball and strikes the goalkeeper inside the goal area. What decision should the referee make?
    (a)  The referee allows play to continue. When the ball is next out of play, the referee sends off the offending player again. Play is restarted according to the Laws of the Game.
    (b)  The referee sends off the offending player. Play is restarted with an indirect free kick from where the ball was.
    (c)  The referee restarts play with a dropped ball from where the player entered the field of play.
    (d)  The referee orders the offending player to leave the field of play and restarts play with a dropped ball from where the ball was when play was stopped. The referee must include the incident in his match report.

  • A team does not name any substitute players before the start of a match, so...
    (a)  no substitutes will be allowed for this team during the match.
    (b)  substitutes will not be allowed before the start of the second half.
    (c)  substitutes will be allowed when they arrive after the start of the match and they give their name to the referee.
    (d)  None of the answers are correct.

  • Of the following offences committed by a goalkeeper, which is punishable by a sending off?
    (a)  Serious foul play.
    (b)   Violent conduct.
    (c)  Uses offensive, insulting or abusive language or gestures.
    (d)  All of the answers are correct.

  • A player takes a throw-in correctly. The ball does not enter the field of play but remains outside the touch line.
    (a)  The referee awards a new throw-in to the opposing team.
    (b)  A different player from the same team retakes the throw-in.
    (c)  The referee orders the throw-in to be retaken by the same team.
    (d)  The referee cautions the player for delaying the restart of play. The throw-in is retaken by the same team.

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